Bloodcancerfoerbundet (Sweden)

Scope of organisation

BLOOD CANCER support organisation (non-CLL-specific)


The Swedish Blood Cancer Association exists for those affected by blood cancer or other serious blood disease, relatives and staff in hematology. The association is a non-profit nationwide patient organization in Sweden, that is a member of the Swedish Network against Cancer.
We see ourselves as the “voice of those affected by blood cancer” and work actively, committedly and long-term to contribute to a better everyday life for the country’s blood and blood cancer victims.
Our overall goals:

  • That all blood and blood cancer patients are offered good and fair care (incl. Access to good rehabilitation)
  • To increase knowledge about, and understanding of, what it is like to be affected by a blood or blood cancer disease in Sweden today
  • An increased investment in innovative blood- and blood cancer research
  • To offer support to the patients, affected by blood cancer or other serious blood disease

Support services offered and available resources