Lymfklierkanker Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw (Lymphoma Association Flanders) – (Belgium)

Scope of organisation

BLOOD CANCER support organisation (non-CLL-specific)


Lymfklierkanker Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw (Lymphoma Association Flanders) is a patient organization for people with lymphoma, CLL and Waldenström’s disease and their loved ones in the Dutch part of Belgium. We give information about the disease, treatments and aftercare. We give info through our website, brochures, digital newsletter, webinars and symposia. We organize activities and bring patients and their loved ones together in our facebookgroup.

Support services offered and available resources


Information on COVID-19

Services for HCP

  • Healthcare professional education

Patient support services

Education services / Capacity building

Digital Tools & Resources

CLL Information

Campaigning and Advocacy

  • Advisory statements and position papers
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Health Technology Appraisals (HTA)
  • Input in writing and/or in person to government and regulatory organizations
  • Fundraising resources
  • Personal Advocacy
  • Petitions
  • Surveys of the community served