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    We know that a lot of the information about COVID-19 for the general public does not answer the concerns of people with CLL. The UKCLL Forum has produced this information leaflet to provide extra advice for UK CLL patients.

    UK OVID CLL patient survey – CLL Support and Leukaemia Care sit on the executive committee of the UK CLL Forum, the specialist umbrella organisation for CLL in the UK. Its aims are to bring together everyone with an interest in CLL and to bridge the gap between the clinical and scientific aspects of the disease. The Forum specialists are very keen for UK data on the impact of the virus on our community and have asked for our help. In conjunction with Leukaemia Care we have developed a survey to gather this data on their behalf.

    Leukaemia Care UK Self-isolation/shielding for people with blood cancers – FAQs. The UK government have now issued full advice for all people considered at extra high risk of severe disease if they contract coronaviruses. Leukaemia Care have broken this information down for patients in this blog

    Changes to UK clinical practice for care of CLL patients during the COVID pandemic – UK Practical guidelines for managing CLL in COVID pandemic

    Leukaemia Care UK webinar to aid CLL patients navigate care and avoid infection during the COVID pandemic
    In the video we are joined by Professor Chris Fegan and CLL patient Nick York as they discuss and answer questions about how COVID-19 is affecting chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) patients.

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