Brian Koffman
Steering Committee Member

Dr. Koffman, a well-known doctor, educator, and clinical professor turned patient has dedicated himself to teaching and helping the CLL community since his own CLL diagnosis in 2005. Dr. Koffman believes that his dual status as a retired physician and patient provides a unique experience and understanding which allows him to provide clear explanations of complex issues and to advocate for his fellow patients and to inform his fellow healthcare providers. This is especially important in view of the rapidly changing therapeutic landscape. Besides his medical degree, Dr. Koffman has a Master of Science in Medical Education and loves to teach. Dr. Koffman is a retired family doctor and clinical professor at the Keck School of Medicine, USC.

Dr. Koffman co-founded and serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of the non-profit CLL Society Inc. and has a widely followed blog. He has shared online and across the world his tough battle with his leukemia including a failed bone marrow transplant, and his success with two Phase 1 trials including most recently an experimental CAR-T.He is happy to report that he is U-MRD 20+ post CAR-T.

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