Nick York
Steering Committee Member & Chair

Nick was diagnosed with CLL in 2009 and he found variations in access to support, treatment and care. This encouraged Nick to work with advocates to extend available resources to patients and their families. He is passionate about campaigning to influence policy and improve equable access for all CLL patients and their loved ones, regardless of their location.

Nick now works in the UK with Leukaemia Care as Patient Advocacy Healthcare Liaison Officer. This involves empowering patients, patient advocacy groups and healthcare providers through education. He is an active member of the UK NCRi CLL clinical trials research subgroup and a member of the UK CLL Forum executive committee and promotes patient involvement in all aspects of healthcare development, delivery and access.

As founding member of the CLL Advocates Network, he was re-elected to chair of the Steering Committee in 2018, following recovery from 1st line treatment in 2017. After a brief remission he continues to live well while managing his CLL with BTKi therapy.

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