AMLCC (Mexico)

Founded in 1972, the nationalwide organisation “Asociación Mexicana de Lucha Contra el Cáncer” / “Mexican Association for the Fight Against Cancer” (AMLCC) is committed to help cancer patients in Mexico while specifically focusing on the most vulnerable sectors of society.

AMLCC´s activities are based on the following four pillars:

  1. Patient and caregiver education: towards AMLCC provides education to patients and caregivers and helps them understand the disease, how to navigate the healthcare system, and supports them throughout the post diagnosis process.
  2. Prevention and Early Detection: AMLCC is committed to raising awareness towards the general public and the medical community. Our awareness campaigns highlight the importance of regular check-ups. Education programs specifically targeted to the medical community aim at improving and supporting the cancer diagnosis process.
  3. Patients support: AMLCC helps patients obtain special prices or discounts on their treatments, psychological support, etc.
  4. Public Affairs: Constant analysis of the local healthcare ecosystem to benefit patients. AMLCC influences cancer related public policy makers presenting proposals to authorities and other players.

Our vision is to be the leading organisation in the fight against cancer that works in an allied way, to avoid preventable cancer deaths.

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