Blood Cancer Foundation of Tanzania, BCFT (Tanzania)

The Blood Cancer Foundation of Tanzania (BCFT) provides a platform where efforts are united to achieve the same goals.  Within BCFT, we have disease specific support groups, the first one to start being the CLL Patient Support Group. Other will successively follow. The idea is to have the disease specific support groups functioning under the BCFT  instead of having each one of them operating separately.

Our VISION is to reduce the blood cancer mortality and improving quality of life of patients.

The Organizations MISSION are to increase awareness, diagnosis, treatment and empowerment of blood cancer patients.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Promote awareness of these diseases with the general public, policy makers and health care professionals in Tanzania.
  • Promote emotional, economic, and social support for blood cancer patients.
  • Enhance collaboration with the growing number of hematologist in the country to improve access to diagnosis, especially in regional hospitals.
  • Support the frontier of blood cancer research programs.
  • Lobby together with the government for the availability of blood cancer treatment such as targeted therapies and bone marrow transplantation in Tanzania.


BCFT currently represents 11 members or patients with CLL (information as of September 2021).

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