Campaigning For Cancer (South Africa)

Pioneering cancer advocacy in South Africa, Campaigning for Cancer lobbies for the promotion and protection of the rights of patients and those affected by cancer with regard to policy, healthcare costs and healthcare delivery.

Campaigning for Cancer does this on an individual patient level – changing one life at a time – by providing people with the knowledge and tools to see their treatment process through; as well as on a larger scale – by noting issues highlighted by these individual cases and lobbying for policy change that will affect all of society.

Campaigning for Cancer will serve all South Africans regardless of age, sex, gender, insurance or health status, marital status, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, conscience, belief, education, social or economic background.

Our goal is to ensure that credible and reliable information and support regarding all facets of this disease and access to treatment during a patient’s journey are readily available to the patient and the general public.

We commit to provide the following services to cancer patients with:

  • Access to Information: Through our comprehensive database and cancer information resources we are able to provide a patient, caregiver or loved one of a patient, with information about their disease or their treatment and the steps in the process in navigating cancer information, and what their rights and responsibilities are as a cancer patient.
  • Access to Support: We offer support referring services to well established and run support groups. These support groups provide guidance, advice and emotional support to survivors and their families to improve their quality of life in all phases during and after their treatment. We collaborate with a number of support groups and will endeavour, where possible, to ensure that you are directed to a well-established support group in your area, where available
  • Patient Advocacy: We help patients navigate their way to accessing the treatment they are entitled to, regardless of whether or not they are being treated in a State hospital or belong to a medical scheme, at any stage of their cancer journey. We also advise patients on how to deal with workplace situations arising from their cancer diagnosis.


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