Lymfklierkanker Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw. LVV (Belgium)

Lymfklierkanker Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw, LVV (or in English Lymphoma Association Flanders) is a patient organization for people with lymphoma, CLL and Waldenström’s disease and their loved ones in the Dutch part of Belgium. We give information about the disease, treatments and aftercare. We give info through our website, brochures, digital newsletter, webinars and symposia. We organize activities and bring patients and their loved ones together in our facebookgroup.

Here is a short overview of the work we have done and continue to do for CLL patients and their loved ones:

  • We have done a webinar for CLL patients in March 2021.
  • One of our CLL patients in watch&wait gave a testimony.
  • We have a brochure called “Living with lymphoma” with info for CLL patients as well. That brochure is distibuted in almost all Flemish hospitals with a hematological center and was a co-creation with Janssen Pharmaceutical company. We also have a brochure “CLL” from Roche that we give to our members for free.
  • We also have brochures about immunotherapy and neuropathy.
  • We have a facebook group with more than 280 members for daily contact.
  • Every year we organize a symposium or several webinars about the disease, treatment or aftercare.
  • In October we go to the Zoo with our members and their family.


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