LYPA – Lymphoma Patient Association (Serbia)

The Lymphoma Patient Association LYPA is a Serbian Organization for lymphoma/CLL patients, family members, and friends. LYPA will continue to be the leading national Lymphoma patient association and we will try to improve the quality of life of lymphoma patients.

Our objectives are:

  • Raising the level of knowledge about lymphoma
  • Giving information to the patients and supporting them
  • Advocating for the rights of lymphoma patients
  • Pproviding better access to new treatments and clinical trials
  • Promoting a healthy way of life


by providing high-quality information, organizing meetings, lectures, and training events, and sharing the inspirational story of our survivorship. We encourage, motivate, and inspire not only lymphoma patients but also every other audience.

LYPA currently represents more than 200 members or patients with CLL (information as of September 2020).

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