V Care Foundation (India)

V Care Foundation is an emotional support group for patients and caregivers who are affected by cancer. V Care is a voluntary organisation. V Care caters to all cancers and has different patient programs. V Care is extremely patient centric, all donations received are totally committed for patient benefit.

V Care has the following patient programs:
1. Financial assistance
2. Paediatric support
3. Nutritional support
4. Palliative care support
5. Support in kind
6. Counselling and emotional support
7. Patient assistance program
8. Ummeed Cancer Help Desk

V Care’s core program is counselling and emotional support. Patients and caregivers are overwhelmed and anxious during their initial visits to the hospital and meeting the doctor. Getting to know of their cancer diagnosis is a shock that needs time for acceptance. Initially, most of them are very confused about what the doctor has explained. A patient advocate from V Care plays an important role here to make them understand and help empower patients.

The group currently represents 200 members or patients with CLL (information as of November 2020).

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