July 28, 2021

On 1st of September the CLL community is launching World CLL Day to give those affected by a diagnosis of CLL a much needed voice, raise awareness and improve understanding of the challenges involved in living with CLL. This is an opportunity to come together and raise awareness about the vulnerability of CLL patients and other immune compromised people during the pandemic.

On this first World CLL Day, we wish to send a message of THANKS to those with healthy immunities for protecting our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic many people experienced isolation, fear and the difficulty of keeping safe – an insight into the life of a CLL patient. The umbrella, a form of shield, is chosen as the central campaign image. You can hold it over someone else, emphasising the aspect of proactive choice to protect.

Please make sure to save 1 September in your calendars!

We will soon share the link to the dedicated Word CLL Day website with plenty of information, downloadable materials and online resources. On that page we will also inform you how you can get involved!

Prior to World CLL Day, we are collecting brief quotes to allow patients and carers express what it´s like to live with CLL in this current pandemic, and upload a picture (optional). These quotes will be shared on the dedicated website and Social Media as part of the campaign communications.

Examples of how the quotes (and pictures) will be used – one example with picture, one without:

Please help give patients and carers a voice and allow them to be heard by sharing the following form within your membership:

Please spread the word and let others stakeholders and your clinical community know about World CLL Day and that materials will follow in due course to enable participation.

World CLL Day is a great way of kicking off Blood Cancer Awareness Month for the CLL community and will help build momentum towards our next major event involving the CLL community on World Leukemia Day on 4th of Sept and many other activities during the month of September such as World Lymphoma Awareness Day on 15th of September.

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