Ukraine Conflict Response

March 22, 2022

While we are all watching with growing concern the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, our friends at Lymphoma Coalition have worked to the limits of their ability to set up an Ukraine Conflict Response Hub that includes a list of resources for those needing assistance. It also enables those in need to seek direct and individual support.

Lymphoma Coalition has built a collaboration amongst Member organisations and other existing partners and allies in Central and Eastern Europe, also including select pan-European organisations and scientific societies. Together, they are making every effort to provide concrete help, identifying tangible ways to assist patients in need and supporting the efforts of healthcare professionals across borders. This initiative is based on ongoing communications with haematologists in Ukraine, who have voiced how the broader lymphoma community can best assist.

To learn more about the actions being taken, please visit the respective section on the Lymphoma Coalition´s website:

Thanks to the Lymphoma Coalition for taking the lead in providing ad hoc support to those who need it the most! We are very grateful for your initiative and ongoing efforts.

To access the CLL Advocates Network´s Solidarity Statement with Ukraine, please click here.

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