We are proud to welcome a new member to our Steering Committee Jennifer Wilson

April 19, 2022

We are excited to have Jennifer join our Steering Committee, and we look forward to moving the mission of CLLAN forward with Jennifer’s help.

Jennifer joined the CLL Advocates Network´s Steering Committee in April 2022, but has been supporting the work of the network for many years, e.g. in her role as speaker or panellist at previous CLL Horizons meetings. Jennifer has been working for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) for the Past > 10 years. As Senior Information Specialist, her primary responsibility entails educating, supporting blood cancer patients through their throughout their illness. Jennifer is responsible for keeping LLS´s internal team apprised of the latest advances in CLL treatment and understanding CLL specific concerns.

Insights into her area of work:

• Co-authored patient preference study examining patients diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and presented paper at 2017 ASH conference; paper accepted for publication by Blood Advances

• Awarded the Celgene Innovation Impact 2016 Award for the collaboration of the “Taking it to Church: Enhancing Myeloma Knowledge and Access to Latest Treatments in Black Communities” pilot program, now Myeloma Link program which increase access to education and expert care, and improve quality of life in black communities, through church-based outreach, particularly in low-income communities.

• Edit disease materials for LLS, as well as for other organizations who have requested LLS to review their materials

• Represent LLS at the CLL Horizons conferences in addition to other organization and industry meetings that are relevant to the work of LLS

• Cancer Support Community’s CLL Advisory Board for the Cancer Experience Registry and recently joined their Myeloma Advisory Board.

• Co-Lead weekly rounds to review challenging cases and explore resources in a collaborative and supportive environment.

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