World CLL Day

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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. It is the most common leukemia in adults.

Every 1 September, the global CLL community unites to raise awareness about chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and give those affected by a diagnosis of CLL a much needed voice. On World CLL Day we come together to share resources to improve understanding of the life of those affected by a diagnosis of CLL. World CLL day offer opportunities to share information and initiatives to improve their quality of life, experience and outcomes.

In 2021, the first World CLL Day focused a campaign to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities and needs of the immunocompromised during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic phase. The focus was to acknowledge the importance of society and those with healthy immune systems protecting our community. This was carried out with the central theme showing our appreciation and offering our thanks to encourage wide campaign reach and uptake. The visual motif and central to all campaign imagery was the umbrella, symbolising this as  an opportunity to provide information to aid the vulnerable to be shielded by others.

The 2022 campaign was focused to reflect the challenges the CLL community faced as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted across the globe. This was aided within campaign materials by releasing inspiring videos that shared patients’, carers’ and clinicians’ experience of the challenges a CLL diagnosis can bring and what it is like to live and navigate in this later phase of the pandemic. This was carried out with the central campaign theme encouraging everyone to get on board by raising awareness that those vulnerable to infection need to continue to take precautions and still require the consideration of those with a healthy immune system to aid safe navigation in this later phase of the pandemic. The visual motif and central to all campaign imagery remained the umbrella as a vehicle to enable all to get aboard and no one is left behind.

The 2023 campaign focused on the mental health challenges of those living with CLL. Due to a high degree of uncertainty given the challenging nature of the disease, mental health issues and the impact of living with a chronic condition such as CLL are very real. The campaign shone a spotlight on the challenges that CLL patients encounter during the full pathway of their disease – these are particularly high during Active Monitoring (“Watch & Wait”). Living with the immune challenges of CLL can also add emotional and psychological distress, which remained a continued trigger during the beginning of the endemic phase of COVID-19 pandemic. The visual motif and central to all campaign imagery used versions of the umbrella and other symbolism to emphasise support and information needs so as no one has to stand alone.

Campaign materials were designed and created in different languages with a communication plan to help stakeholders, members and supporters to get involved and prepare their own communications in the run-up to World CLL Day and shape their own activities. These will be made available on the campaign website in due course.

We are grateful to the following sponsors for supporting WCLLD 2023:

Save the date for World CLL Day 2024 and become involved!

While the organising committee continues preparations for the central 2024 campaign theme, we will welcome your early involvement as we shape this campaign together. As the campaign develops we will keep everyone updated directly by communication channels and through campaign website.

We wish to thank all for your support to ensure World CLL Day is as impactful, meaningful and memorable as possible to improve patients’ outcomes, and we look forward to working and campaigning together in 2024. 

Please contact us at if you or your organisation wish to be involved during the early planning stages.