World CLL Day 2021
Save the date and prepare yourself for World CLL Day!

On 1st of September the CLL community is launching World CLL Day to give those affected by a diagnosis of CLL a much needed voice, raise awareness and improve understanding of the challenges involved in living with CLL. This is an opportunity to come together and raise awareness about the vulnerability of CLL patients and other immune compromised people during the pandemic.

On this first World CLL Day, we wish to send a message of THANKS to those with healthy immunities for protecting our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic many people experienced isolation, fear and the difficulty of keeping safe – an insight into the life of a CLL patient. The umbrella, a form of shield, is chosen as the central campaign image. You can hold it over someone else, emphasising the aspect of proactive choice to protect.

Campaign materials are available at Here you will learn more about this first ever World CLL Day and how to get involved. You will also be able to access the downloadable campaign materials for use in your Social Media posts and other online channels. World CLL Day Social Media materials have been created for you in different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Czech).

To ensure World CLL Day has maximum impact, please DO NOT post campaign materials prior to Wednesday, 1 September 2021! Materials are being provided exclusively to help members and supporters prepare their own communications around World CLL Day and shape their local activities.

This is an important day for the CLL community and especially for those affected by a diagnosis. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the most common of all leukemias and is poorly understood. Let’s work to change this together on September 1st.



  • Join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Social Media channels using WCLLD21 materials to amplify awareness
  • When creating your WCLLD posts and posting on Social Media, please ensure you include the hashtags #meandmyumbrella, #WCLLD21 and #immunitycommunity to maximise messaging amplification and the reach of the campaign.
  • Add to WCLLD campaign activity by taking a selfie with an umbrella (be creative) then add to your post and share on social media including hashtags #meandmyumbrella  #meandmyumbrella, #WCLLD21 and #immunitycommunity
  • Help to spread the word and amplify your posts by tagging others in your network when you post and include hashtag addresses in some posts to reach wider discussions such as #BloodCancerAwarenssMonth

Thank you for coming together during WORLD CLL DAY at this challenging time for CLL patients. Let’s start off Blood Cancer awareness Month by making CLL visible on September 1st and cement this day in everyone’s diaries for the future.