Empowering Communities: Launching the CLLAN Advocacy Toolkit!

February 9, 2024

We are delighted to share news of the official launch of the CLLAN Advocacy Toolkit – a CLLAN initiative that represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to supporting organisations in their journey of assisting CLL patients and carers.

The CLLAN Advocacy Toolkit is more than just a compilation of resources; it is a dynamic platform that aims to support the initiation and development of CLL support groups, particularly in regions where external support is scarce.

This tool is dynamic, with ongoing additions of content and resources, the pillars will become more complete and representative of needed resources in your region. We encourage you to contribute any relevant materials, whether developed by your group or others. Your input will be greatly appreciated! This will ensure that this resource grows to meet advocacy needs.

We invite you to explore the CLLAN Advocacy Toolkit on our website: https://advocacy.clladvocates.net

Contact info@clladvocates.net to share advocacy development materials for inclusion you feel will be of benefit to the community. 

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Nicole Schröter
CLLAN Project Manager
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