Projects & Alliances

Projects and Activities

CLLAN projects and activities focus on the following four areas:

  • Communication, outreach and visibility
  • Education/capacity building
  • Analysis and advisory activities
  • Network Management


Please follow the links on the right to learn more about current projects and activities.

Please click here to view our overview and outline of Network activities & priorities 2020/2021 and outlook of projects from 2022 onwards.


CLLAN Toolkits

CLL Resource Hub

CLLAN´s Resource Hub is a global directory of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) support services and resources. It lists organisations worldwide that have CLL patient support in their remit and enables the search of support organisations by region or by resources/country/scope of organisation.

Advocacy Toolkit

Our Advocacy Toolkit aims at supporting CLL support group initiation and development in countries with little or no support outside the clinic. This comprehensive toolkit comprises a set of tools, capacity building and supportive materials on different topics. Click on the pillar title or sub-heading that is of interest to you, and you will be navigated to the filtered results section.

Alliances and Collaborations

In addition to continuously establishing and maintaining close working relationships with workgroups, organisations, patient advocacy networks and other stakeholders, the CLL Advocates Network participates & collaborates in key multi-country projects to represent the voice of CLL patients on all levels and ensure improved care and support.

Please follow the links on the right to learn more about current alliances and collaborations.

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