Types of members:

There are three types of members:

  1. Full members are non-profit patient organisations with a sole or significant focus (demonstrated by clear evidence of existing activities) on the needs of CLL patients.
  2. Associate members are non-profit patient organisations with a partial focus on the needs of CLL patients but do not have a dedicated CLL patient program.
  3. Supporters interested in the work of CLLAN. This may include:
  • Individuals with an interest in CLL patient support and advocacy;
  • Individuals who are strongly motivated to start CLL patient groups in their own countries.

Member Rights:

All members have the following rights:

  • To participate in the activities organised by CLLAN;
  • To access CLLAN resources;
  • To share the benefits and advantages linked to CLLAN;
  • The right to give their opinion at the Annual General Meeting;
  • The right to be elected and to propose candidates for the Steering Committee (SC) positions (as per the SC terms of reference);
  • To receive information about the decisions made by the Steering Committee (SC);
  • To make suggestions to the Steering Committee (SC) in order to better accomplish the goal of CLLAN.

If you are interested in becoming a member and willing to abide by CLLAN’s Code of Conduct and contribute to CLLAN´s work and objectives, please fill in the Application Form and return it to All applications are reviewed by the CLLAN Steering Committee (see Leadership) and approved by majority vote. We will get back to you and inform you of the decision on your membership as soon as possible.

To find out more about membership of CLLAN, please contact

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