Your organisation is invited to become a member of CLLAN and to contribute to its work and objectives.

Non-profit patient organisations, with a sole or partial focus on the needs of CLL patients, are eligible to apply for membership of CLLAN. Membership of CLLAN is available only to those organisations interested in furthering the Network’s purposes. Applications are reviewed and approved by the CLLAN Steering Committee (see Leadership).

Each CLLAN member shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at, all meetings of the members of CLLAN.

Members of CLLAN are entitled to:

  • Participate in the activities organised by CLLAN
  • Access CLLAN resources
  • Share the benefits and advantages linked to CLLAN
  • The right to vote and give their opinion at the Annual General Meeting
  • The right to be elected and to propose candidates for the SC positions
  • Receive information about the decisions made by the SC
  • Make suggestions to the SC in order to better accomplish the goal of CLLAN

To find out more about membership of CLLAN, please contact

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