ABRALE (Brazil)

The Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association (ABRALE) has the mission of offering help and mobilizing stakeholders, so that all people with cancer and blood diseases have access to the best treatment. Its structure is based on four main pillars: Patient Support, Public Policies & Advocacy, Education & Information, and Data Research & Monitoring. In this way, it is possible to have a broad view of health, which permeates individual and collective needs in oncological care.

Each pillar contributes differently to patients on their journeys, such as help achieve greater adherence in treatment and maximize chances of remission, supported by a multidisciplinary team in different unmet needs; create reliable and valuable information about hematological cancer care path through various channels, such as awareness campaigns, manuals, social media, podcasts and videos for patients and caregivers health education; and collect and analyse real world data through patient journey surveys and the Oncology Observatory studies for evidence-based advocacy and influence in public policies. In 21 years of history, ABRALE has impacted approximately 52,501 lives.

The Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association (ABRALE) offers:

  • Patient support: legal, social, psychological, nutritional, and telemedicine access
  • Patient journey: unmet needs and difficulties to improve the patient experience
  • Education and Information: quality and reliable information in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life, among other important topics
  • Research and Monitoring: real world evidence to subsidize public policy actions
  • Public policies and Advocacy: articulation with stakeholders to defend patient’s rights and represent their voice in spaces of social control.


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