ASOPALEU (Guatemala)

ASOPALEU is an apolitical, secular non-profit organization based in Guatemala (Central America) and committed to educate, empower, and support individuals affected by leukemias (mainly CML but also other types of leukemia such as CLL) and GIST. They foster partnerships with the medical community, as well as patients and their caregivers. ASOPALEU actively advocates for the involvement in government agencies and public hospital authorities. ASOPALEU is a member of renowned alliances and international umbrella organizations.

ASOPALEU collaborates with local organizations to ensure that essential medications required by patients with chronic diseases, especially those categorized as “high-cost,” are included in the government’s list of basic medicines. Their collective efforts are aimed at safeguarding the quality and efficacy of these crucial medications, thereby meeting the needs of patients.

The organization plays a vital role in providing education and up-to-date information to patients and caregivers. They strive to disseminate knowledge regarding new therapies, monitoring protocols, treatment adherence, and qualified emotional support services. Special attention is given to patients who are newly diagnosed or experiencing relapses, as ASOPALEU offers dedicated monitoring and emotional support to help them navigate their healthcare journey.

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