Leukämiehilfe München e.V. (Germany)

Leukämiehilfe München e.V. was founded by patients, relatives, nurses, and doctors in order to improve the inpatient and outpatient situation for patients and their relatives.

The charity wished to fill a gap in personal and psychotherapeutic support. In addition to patient visits and meetings between patients and relatives, Leukämiehilfe München e.V. nowadays supports various other projects such as music therapy and yoga on haemato-oncological wards in hospitals.

Since 1991, it has been Leukämiehilfe München e.V.´s mission to supplement the care of the affected families by doctors, psycho-oncologists, and nursing staff wherever there are individual practical questions and assistance.

The group focuses strongly on CLL during their patient meetings and provide the patients’ voice regarding treatment, medication, side effects and well-being. Through their chairman of the board, Prof. Dr. Hentrich they have access to clinical and academic research including but not limited to CLL.

Leukemia Aid Munich e.V. is mainly financed by membership fees and donations.

Around 120 members form the core of the charity, which is represented by an Executive Board consisting of 5 member most of whom work on a voluntary basis.

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