Rohan Shah is a medical student at the Burrell College in Las Cruces New Mexico.

His passion is to help those with CLL. His father was diagnosed in 2008 and he has been through it all with him. Rohan has done research in leukemia with an esteemed physician where he has discussed his father´s condition and where he has learned a lot more about CLL.

Rohan is very well read on the literature and is determined to do anything in his power to help combat and cure CLL.

Rohan is a “supporter” of the CLL Advocates Network. Supporters are members of the network that are not (yet) representing a patient organisation but are interested in the work of CLLAN. This may include:

    • Individuals with an interest in CLL patient support and advocacy;
    • Individuals who are strongly motivated to start CLL patient groups in their own countries.

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