Proudly welcoming another new member: The CLLAN now counts 46 members from 38 countries!

August 31, 2022

We are proud to welcome a new member to our network! Please join us in welcoming our first member from China 淋巴瘤之家 – House086 to this big family!

淋巴瘤之家 – House086 was founded in 2011 in Beijing, and it belongs to Hongmian Cancers and Rare Disorders Charity Foundation of Guangzhou. It is the biggest lymphoma patient organization in China.

They are providing service for lymphoma patients and caregivers via Website, APP, Wechat Account and Wechat Groups. Over 1,000,000 lymphoma (includes over 2000 CLL) patients and caregivers are registered on their website.

To learn more about 淋巴瘤之家 – House086, please visit their profile in our members section.

The CLL Advocates Network now counts 46 members from 38 countries!

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