Registration for “Building Relationships with Healthcare Professionals | Hematologists” course and enrolment is now OPEN.

April 9, 2024

We have exciting news to share. CLL Advocates NetworkCML Advocates Network and Acute Leukemia Advocates Network is launching the Leukemia Patient Advocates Academy – a groundbreaking program designed to empower and educate patient advocates.

This is an opportunity for patient advocates to be a part of a repeated course which is aimed at building capacity in both smaller and larger patient advocacy groups and will help to ensure sustainability in advocacy efforts.  

All CLLAN members are invited to enroll to this FREE COURSE!

“Building Relationships with Healthcare Professionals | Hematologists”

Registration and enrolment is now open for the course titled “Building relationship with healthcare professionals | hematologists”. This course will help many advocates as they navigate the challenge of creating effective relationships with the clinical community.  

Why this course may be useful to the CLL patient advocate? 
Expert Insights: Learn from renowned hematologists, including Professor Jeffrey Lipton, Professor Francois Xavier Mahon, and Professor Gianantonio Rosti.
Valuable Skills: Master communication techniques and problem-solving strategies tailored to enhancing your relationships with healthcare professionals.

How It Works? 
Flexible Learning – Access online lessons at your convenience and participate in two live interactive workshops.

In the video below you will hear a short overview of what this course will help you achieve:

When do we start & how to enroll?
Attend two live online workshops and take all online educational lessons within 5 weeks. Dates to remember and mark in your calendars to make sure you attend live online workshops are:  

  • Saturday, 27th April at 12 PM CET | 11 AM BST | 7 PM JST | 8 PM AEST | 6 AM EDT | 6 PM PHST | 3:45 PM NPT | 1 PM EAT | 7 AM ART
  • Saturday, 1st June at 12 PM CET | 11 AM BST | 7 PM JST | 8 PM AEST | 6 AM EDT | 6 PM PHST | 3:45 PM NPT | 1 PM EAT | 7 AM ART

E-Learning lessons are divided into 3 units, unlocking weekly. Access lessons at your own convenience.

Limited spaces are available so register using the registration form below to secure your spot. 

If you have any questions or need navigation details, send us an email at

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